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Fall Semester Hours

Mon-Thurs: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Attention Biology 211 and 212 Students

Biology 211 and 212 tutoring will be scheduled through the new SSG program being utilized on campus. Please select the following link for information on scheduling.

Bio 211 & 212 Scheduling

Find a Tutor

Fall Tutor List


Follow these steps to find a tutor:

  1. Search by Subject and/or Course # such as BIO, Biology, 105, or Biology 105.
  2. Email the tutor with the course name, the day, and time to be tutored. 
  3. Meet in SSC 102 to sign in and begin tutoring once a time is arranged.

*Please give all tutors 1-2 business days to respond to your email after classes begin. 

**Each semester the tutor list will be posted approximately 1 week prior to the start of classes. 

Subject & CourseTutor's NameTutor's Email Address
ACCOUNTING 208 - Financial Accounting Cycle April KendallKendaa47
ACCOUNTING 208Austin SustachekSustaa78
ACCOUNTING 208Carlie BurnsBurnsc19
ACCOUNTING 208Katelyn FladtenFladtk71
ACCOUNTING 208Tyler ShircelShirct76
ANTHROPOLOGY 102 - Introduction to AnthropologyLauren HenryHenryl03
ANTHROPOLOGY 123 - Cultural Diversity in the U.S.Blair BraunBraunb52
ANTHROPOLOGY 202 - Introduction to Biological AnthropologyLauren HenryHenryl03
ANTHROPOLOGY 204 - Cultural AnthropologyBlair BraunBraunb52
ANTHROPOLOGY 204Lauren HenryHenryl03
ARABIC 110 - Introduction to Arabic IAmir OmezzineOmezzm11
ARABIC 210 - Intermediate Arabic IAmir OmezzineOmezzm11
BIOLOGY 104 - Ecosphere in CrisisKelly GardnerGardnk16
BIOLOGY 105 - Biological Concepts UnityJustin BarounBarouj35
BIOLOGY 105Cassie SchachtSchmic18
BIOLOGY 105Max NowinskyNowinm44
BIOLOGY 105Zachary HeimarkHeimaz91
BIOLOGY 106 - Biological Concepts - Diversity Nicholas GabelGabeln48
BIOLOGY 106Kiersten KuskoKuskok70
BIOLOGY 108 - Honors: Concepts in Biology - UnityAnna DueningDuenia23
BIOLOGY 211 - Human AnatomyPlease log in for scheduling gold box for further instructions
BIOLOGY 212 - Human Physiology Please log in for scheduling gold box for further instructions
BIOLOGY 230 - Biology of Animals Kiersten KuskoKuskok70
BIOLOGY 230Morgan SwensonSwensm56
BIOLOGY 230Andrei VultaggioVultaa23
BIOLOGY 231 - Biology of Plants and MicrobesNicholas GabelGabeln48
BIOLOGY 231 Kiersten KuskoKuskok70
BIOLOGY 233 - Microbial SurveyKristen HansenHansek17
BIOLOGY 233Haley HoileHoileh50
BIOLOGY 233Monica StinskiStinsm96
BIOLOGY 323 - Molecular and Cell BiologyMarshall ChristensenChrism62
BIOLOGY 323Samantha NixonNixons58
BIOLOGY 323 Konrad FondrieFondrs00
BIOLOGY 323 Travis StoegerStoegt88
BUSINESS 198 - Introduction to BusinessKiera SimanovskySimank92
BUSINESS 206 - Essentials of financial AccountingAustin SustachekSustaa78
BUSINESS 206Carlie BurnsBurnsc19
BUSINESS 206Noah Butzenbutzen92
BUSINESS 206Adam CarlsonCarlsa56
BUSINESS 206April KendallKendaa47
BUSINESS 206Katelyn FladtenFladtk71
BUSINESS 206Zachary NewsomeNewsoz74
BUSINESS 206Adora PorterPortea43
BUSINESS 206Tyler ShircelShirct76
BUSINESS 206 - Essentials of financial AccountingAustin SustachekSustaa78
BUSINESS 207Adam CarlsonCarlsa56
BUSINESS 207Carlie BurnsBurnsc19
BUSINESS 207Noah Butzenbutzen92
BUSINESS 207Katelyn FladtenFladtk71
BUSINESS 207Zachary NewsomeNewsoz74
CHEMISTRY 101 - General, Organic, and Biochemistry IView Drop in Tutoring schedule, under Tutoring menu.
CHEMISTRY 102 - General, Organic, and Biochemistry IIView Drop in Tutoring schedule, under Tutoring menu.
CHEMISTRY 105 - General Chemistry IGarrison GriestGriesg55
CHEMISTRY 105 Brittany HarringtonHarrib81
CHEMISTRY 105 Rachel HoyerHoyerr22
CHEMISTRY 105 David MorserMorsed30
CHEMISTRY 105Marshall ChristensenChrism62
CHEMISTRY 105Beyann AlzoubiAlzoub62
CHEMISTRY 105Robert SchwartzSchwar30
CHEMISTRY 105Kameron FiedlerFiedlk10
CHEMISTRY 105Lane WohlrabWohlrl44
CHEMISTRY 105Lluvia CardenasCardel98
CHEMISTRY 105Karis FiedlerFiedlk70
CHEMISTRY 105Brianna FoxFoxb43
CHEMISTRY 106 - General Chemistry IIBeyann AlzoubiAlzoub62
CHEMISTRY 106Rachel ChristophersonChrisr74
CHEMISTRY 106Kameron FiedlerFiedlk10
CHEMISTRY 106Emily RobertsRobere88
CHEMISTRY 106Kristen HansenHansek17
CHEMISTRY 106Robert SchwartzSchwar30
CHEMISTRY 235 - Organic Chemistry ITroy SchneiderSchnet05
CHEMISTRY 235Anthony HollandHollaa22
CHEMISTRY 235Samantha NixonNixons58
CHEMISTRY 235Nicholas GabelGabeln48
CHEMISTRY 235Lacey Van StappenVanstl50
CHEMISTRY 235Travis StoegerStoegt88
CHEMISTRY 335 - Organic Chemistry IITravis StoegerStoegt88
CHEMISTRY 335Jaclyn UtrieUtriej42
CHEMISTRY 335Lacey Van StappenVanstl50
COMMUNICATIONS 111 - Introduction to Public SpeakingKait BeattieBeattk26
COMMUNICATIONS 111 Ellie MavraganisMavrae76
COMPUTER SCIENCE 221 - Object-Oriented Design and Programming I Austin FinkeFinkea91
COMPUTER SCIENCE 262 - Object Oriented Design and Programming II Austin FinkeFinkea91
COMPUTER SCIENCE 271 - Data Structures Austin FinkeFinkea91
CRIMINAL JUSTICE 110 - Introduction to Criminal Justice ProcessCarlie BurnsBurnsc19
CRIMINAL JUSTICE 281 - Elementary Statistics in Criminal JusticeSheena GilbertGilbes07
ECONOMICS 204 - Principles of MacroeconomicsJake SeeberSeebej73
ECONOMICS 204Robert SchwartzSchwar30
ECONOMICS 206 - Principles of MicroeconomicsJake SeeberSeebej73
ECONOMICS 210 - Economic and Business StatisticsApril KendallKendaa47
ECONOMICS 210Jake SeeberSeebej73
ECONOMICS 210Adora PorterPortea43
ED FOUND 235 - Child and Adolescent Development Dan CainCaind94
ENGLISH 210 - Classical and Medieval LiteratureAracely TorresTorrea23
ENGR 130 - Basic Electrical Circuits I Jamal ArafehArafej31
FRENCH 110 - Introduction to French ITori BrowyBrowyv04
FRENCH 110Caleb TurskyTurskc81
FRENCH 110Konrad FondrieFondrs00
FRENCH 110Nicole StamnStamnn66
FRENCH 111 - Introduction to French IITori BrowyBrowyv04
FRENCH 111Caleb TurskyTurskc81
FRENCH 111Konrad FondrieFondrs00
FRENCH 111Nicole StamnStamnn66
FRENCH 203 - Intermediate Structure and Expression ITori BrowyBrowyv04
FRENCH 203Caleb TurskyTurskc81
FRENCH 203Konrad FondrieFondrs00
FRENCH 203Nicole StamnStamnn66
FRENCH 204 - Intermediate Structure and Expression Tori BrowyBrowyv04
FRENCH 204Caleb TurskyTurskc81
FRENCH 204Konrad FondrieFondrs00
FRENCH 204Nicole StamnStamnn66
GEOGRAPHY 102 - World Regional Geography (Subulwa)Kait BeattieBeattk26
GEOGRAPHY 102 (Subulwa)Tim LynaughLynaut54
GEOGRAPHY 102 (Subulwa)Andrei VultaggioVultaa23
GEOGRAPHY 102 (Zaniewski)Maxwell HonzikHonzim44
GEOGRAPHY 121 - Physical Geography I: Weather and Climate(Cross)Tim LynaughLynaut54
GEOGRAPHY 121 (Long)Laura BachmannBachml33
GEOGRAPHY 202 - Human GeographyTim LynaughLynaut54
GEOLOGY 102 - Physical Geology Brooke Vander PasVanderb42
GEOLOGY 109 - Evolution of the EarthAmanda GrunwaldGrunwa95
GERMAN 110 - Introduction to German I
GERMAN 110Elena LerwickLerwie12
GERMAN 110Elijah SchmidtSchmie31
GERMAN 111 - Introduction to German II
GERMAN 111Elena LerwickLerwie12
GERMAN 111Elijah SchmidtSchmie31
GERMAN 203 - Intermediate Structure and Expression I
GERMAN 203Elena LerwickLerwie12
GERMAN 203Elijah SchmidtSchmie31
GERMAN 204 - Intermediate Structure and Expression II
GERMAN 204Elena LerwickLerwie12
GERMAN 204Elijah SchmidtSchmie31
HISTORY 101 - Early Civilization Kyla BrownBrownk31
HISTORY 102 - Modern Civilization (Kapelusz-Poppi)Laura BachmannBachml33
HISTORY 102 (Kapelusz-Poppi)Anna DinkelDinkea02
HISTORY 102 (Mouton)Brandon VanbogaertVanbob25
HISTORY 102 (Rutz)Kyla BrownBrownk31
HISTORY 110- Topics in the History of Modern CivilizationsJamal ArafehArafej31
HISTORY 110Haley HoileHoileh50
HISTORY 110Brandon VanbogaertVanbob25
HISTORY 201 - United States History to 1877 Kyla BrownBrownk31
HISTORY 201Jared BensonBensoj05
HISTORY 201Kelly GardnerGardnk16
HISTORY 201Brenna MartynMartyb62
HISTORY 202 - Modern United States History Since 1877Kyla BrownBrownk31
INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 205 - Contemporary International IssuesAracely TorresTorrea23
JAPANESE 110 - Introduction to Japanese IYUICHIRONagaiy90
JAPANESE 210 - Introduction to Japanese IIIYUICHIRONagaiy90
JAPANESE 310 - Intermediate Japanese IIYUICHIRONagaiy90
JAPANESE 464 - Senior Thesis in Japanese StudiesYUICHIRONagaiy90
KINESIOLOGY 121 - Orientation to Kinesiology Karina MarchanMarchk57
KINESIOLOGY 170 - Medical Terminology Kaitlyn BurnsBurnsk12
KINESIOLOGY 170Ellie MavraganisMavrae76
KINESIOLOGY 170Justin BarounBarouj35
KINESIOLOGY 171 - Prevention, Recognition, and Treatment of Athletic Injuries Justin BarounBarouj35
KINESIOLOGY 173 - Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology Kaitlyn BurnsBurnsk12
KINESIOLOGY 173 Amanda McBrayerMcbraa65
KINESIOLOGY 173 Jenn OaksOaksj69
KINESIOLOGY 173 Lydia HoweryHowerl10
KINESIOLOGY 280 - BiomechanicsHannah JanssenJanssh00
KINESIOLOGY 280Lydia HoweryHowerl10
KINESIOLOGY 280Karina MarchanMarchk57
KINESIOLOGY 280Amanda McBrayerMcbraa65
KINESIOLOGY 280Cassandra McCarthyMccarc25
KINESIOLOGY 280Jenn OaksOaksj69
MATH 100 - Elementary Algebra IJamal ArafehArafej31
MATH 100 Dan CainCaind94
MATH 100Amir OmezzineOmezzm11
MATH 101 - Elementary Algebra IIAshley BaalkeBaalka43
MATH 103 - Intermediate AlgebraSam McCarvilleMccars09
MATH 103Jamal ArafehArafej31
MATH 103 Janaya GodfreyGodfrj37
MATH 103 Amir OmezzineOmezzm11
MATH 103Dan CainCaind94
MATH 103 Nicholas SevenzSevenn41
MATH 103 Kiera SimanovskySimank92
MATH 103Haley HoileHoileh50
MATH 104 - College AlgebraGarrett SweereSweerg01
MATH 104Jacob ArnoArnoj62
MATH 104Amanda GrunwaldGrunwa95
MATH 104 Janaya GodfreyGodfrj37
MATH 104Emily DauerDauere39
MATH 104Jamal ArafehArafej31
MATH 104Dan CainCaind94
MATH 104Bridget SibilskySibilb66
MATH 106 - TrigonometryMicaela ArellanoArellm99
MATH 106Amanda GrunwaldGrunwa95
MATH 106Cassie SchachtSchmic18
MATH 106Jamal ArafehArafej31
MATH 106Dan CainCaind94
MATH 110 - Number SystemsTori BrowyBrowyv04
MATH 110 Casey SchutSchutc76
MATH 110Max NowinskyNowinm44
MATH 110Emilie KamphuisKamphe78
MATH 171 - Calculus IJamal ArafehArafej31
MATH 171Justin BarounBarouj35
MATH 171Nicholas SevenzSevenn41
MATH 171Robert SchwartzSchwar30
MATH 171Megan RoseRosem59
MATH 172 - Calculus IIMorgan HachHachm03
MATH 172Haneul JungJungh78
MATH 172 Jamal ArafehArafej31
MATH 172Megan RoseRosem59
MATH 201 - Applied StatisticsMorgan SwensonSwensm56
MATH 201Tanya HammittHammit53
MATH 201Brooke Vander PasVandeb42
MATH 204 - Finite Math for BusinessAutumn DunsmoreDunsma02
MATH 204 Zachary NewsomeNewsoz74
MATH 204 Noelle FenwickFenwin60
MATH 204Amir OmezzineOmezzm11
MATH 204 Kiera SimanovskySimank92
MATH 204Tamara MartensMartet70
MATH 206 - Applied Calculus for BusinessAutumn DunsmoreDunsma02
MATH 206Sam McCarvilleMccars09
MATH 206Austin SustacheckSustaa78
MATH 211 - Fundamentals of Geometry and Measurement for Elementary and Special Education ProgramsTori BrowyBrowyv04
MATH 211Max NowinskyNowinm44
MATH 211Casey SchutSchutc76
MATH 211Emilie KamphuisKamphe78
MATH 217 - Data Exploration and Analysis Emilie KamphuisKamphe78
MATH 217Casey SchutSchutc76
MUSIC 102 - Theory of Music for the General StudentAshton BoydBoyda51
MUSIC 107 - Music Theory IAshton BoydBoyda51
MUSIC 173 - Aural Skills IAshton BoydBoyda51
MUSIC 173Shayla MenterMentes12
MUSIC 204 - Music Theory IIIAshton BoydBoyda51
MUSIC 273 - Aural Skills IIIAshton BoydBoyda51
NURSING 200 - Growth, Development and Health across the Life SpanKait BeattieBeattk26
NURSING 200Kelsey EhlertEhlerk93
NURSING 200Lauren SmithSmithl86
NURSING 215 - Health Practices with Diverse PopulationsKait BeattieBeattk26
NURSING 312 - Nursing: Adult Health I Abby LoritzLorita94
NURSING 314 - Nursing: Adult Health II Adam FlynnFlynna54
NURSING 314Samantha GosewehrGosews03
NURSING 314Abby LoritzLorita94
NURSING 348 - Pathophysiology IAdam FlynnFlynna54
NURSING 348Samantha GosewehrGosews03
NURSING 348Abby LoritzLorita94
NURSING 348Lauren SmithSmithl86
NURSING 358 - Pathophysiology IIBrooke DuescherDuescb00
NURSING 358Adam FlynnFlynna54
NURSING 358Samantha GosewehrGosews03
PBIS 189 - Problem Based Inquiry Seminar: StatisticsElise RuckerRuckee01
PBIS 189Kaci SwensonSwensk96
PBIS 189Mariah KoenigsKoenim00
PHILOSOPHY 101 - Elementary Logic New tutor coming soon
PHYSICS/ASTRONOMY 109 - General PhysicsAnthony HollandHollaa22
PHYSICS/ASTRONOMY 109Robert SchwartzSchwar30
POLITICAL SCIENCE 105 - American Government and Politics (Any Prof)Brenna MartynMartyb62
POLITICAL SCIENCE 111 - Culture and the Politics of Memory Brenna MartynMartyb62
POLITICAL SCIENCE 115 - International PoliticsAutumn DunsmoreDunsma02
PSYCHOLOGY 101 - General PsychologyKait BeattieBeattk26
PSYCHOLOGY 101 Blair BraunBraunb52
PSYCHOLOGY 101 Lluvia CardenasCardel98
PSYCHOLOGY 101Noelle FenwickFenwin60
PSYCHOLOGY 101Alexa EbertEberta62
PSYCHOLOGY 101Malissa MagdanzMagdam14
PSYCHOLOGY 101Maggie VaculaVaculm68
PSYCHOLOGY 101Ashley XiongXionga09
PSYCHOLOGY 123 - Psychology Orientation Alexa EbertEberta62
PSYCHOLOGY 123 Blair BraunBraunb52
PSYCHOLOGY 203 - Elementary Psychological StatisticsBlair BraunBraunb52
PSYCHOLOGY 203 Elle MooreMooree70
PSYCHOLOGY 203 Alexa EbertEberta62
PSYCHOLOGY 203Jordyn WavrunekWavruj58
PSYCHOLOGY 275 - Research Methods Alexa EbertEberta62
PSYCHOLOGY 275Katie HodgesHodgek92
PSYCHOLOGY 275Kyra LenhartLenhak96
RELIGIOUS STUDIES 106 - The Bible and Current EventsBrenna MartynMartyb62
SOCIOLOGY 101 - Introductory SociologySamantha NixonNixons58
SOCIOLOGY 281 - Social Statistics Patrisha RichardsonRichap61
SOCIOLOGY 281Nicholas MandMandn40
SPANISH 110 - Introduction to Spanish IAngel CamachoCamaca72
SPANISH 110Hannah CegelskiCegelh81
SPANISH 110Aracely TorresTorrea23
SPANISH 110Beyann AlzoubiAlzoub62
SPANISH 110Rachel BradleyBradlr19
SPANISH 110Breanna VerburgtVerbub97
SPANISH 111 - Introduction to Spanish IIAngel CamachoCamaca72
SPANISH 111Hannah CegelskiCegelh81
SPANISH 111Aracely TorresTorrea23
SPANISH 111Rachel BradleyBradlr19
SPANISH 111Breanna VerburgtVerbub97
SPANISH 203 - Intermediate Structure and Expression IAngel CamachoCamaca72
SPANISH 203Hannah CegelskiCegelh81
SPANISH 203Aracely TorresTorrea23
SPANISH 203Micaela ArellanoArellm99
SPANISH 203Rachel BradleyBradlr19
SPANISH 203Breanna VerburgtVerbub97
SPANISH 204 - Intermediate Structure and Expression Angel CamachoCamaca72
SPANISH 204Aracely TorresTorrea23
SPANISH 204Rachel BradleyBradlr19
SPANISH 204Breanna VerburgtVerbub97
SPANISH 310 - Spanish For Native Speakers I Aracely TorresTorrea23
SPANISH 311 - Spanish For Native Speakers IIAracely TorresTorrea23
SPANISH 312 Ashton KeeneKeenea07
SPANISH 312 Angel CamachoCamaca72
WG STDS 201 - Introduction to Women's and Gender StudiesKelsey EhlertEhlerk93

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